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Landscaping Trees: Five Reasons Trees Die

green tree in garden
Trees are a beautiful addition to any environment, whether it is a backyard, residential neighborhood, or commercial building plaza. Unfortunately, a tree can grow and thrive for many years and then exhibit problems and die suddenly.
Understanding the reasons why trees die can help ensure that you care for your trees properly and know how to spot warning signs of problems with your trees so you can seek professional help. Here are some of the most common reasons for the death of a tree.

Strong Storms

Extreme weather can be very damaging to trees, especially when strong winds partially uproot a tree. These types of situations can cause stress to the root system and eventually cause a tree to die if it is not properly cared for immediately after a storm.
Strong storms can also lead to the loss of major limbs – depending on the size and age of the tree, that can be very detrimental. If you notice that a tree is not thriving and does not look healthy after a storm, it is a good idea to have a tree professional look at the tree to determine what can be done to restore its health.


Many people do not realize that trees are susceptible to diseases just as humans and animals are. There are many different types of tree diseases, and they can all present different symptoms. If one tree shows signs of a tree disease, there is a good chance that nearby trees are at risk, since many diseases can spread from tree to tree.
A change in the texture of the bark on a tree, discolored leaves, and the presence of mushrooms and other types of fungus around the base of a tree can all be signs of a diseased tree. Areas where bark on the trunk of a tree is missing and does not grow back is also a red flag.
If you notice any of the warning signs of a tree disease, it is essential to contact a tree expert immediately so the tree can be properly treated in order to save it.

Compacted Soil

All trees need oxygen and accessible water for the root system. Over time, it is common for the soil around a tree to become more and more compacted. When this occurs, the tree is slowly deprived of the necessities that it needs to grow properly.
It can be very difficult to identify soil compaction around the area where a tree is planted. A few good ways to prevent soil compaction around trees includes aerating the soil regularly and using a high-quality mulch around trees.

Watering Problems

Trees obviously need to be watered, but many trees suffer when a homeowner does not know the watering needs for the exact types of trees on the property. Watering too much or not enough can cause a tree to suffer and die.
If you don’t know what types of trees you have in your yard and you are not sure of how to water them properly, a tree professional can provide assistance.

Improper Pruning

Trees need to be cut back and pruned regularly in order to maintain their health. Pruning trees is not a simple or easy task. If you make the wrong cuts, you can hurt the health of the trees in your yard. When you are not familiar with caring for trees, it is in your best interest to hire a tree professional to take care of pruning.
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