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Tree and Landscaping Services in San Jose

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The communities in and around San Jose are characterized by sunny skies and a high quality of life. Almost nothing says that you’re living the good life like a well-manicured lawn, and we can help you to achieve the outdoor living space that you’re after with our comprehensive set of tree care and landscape services.

Our Services

Some of our offerings include tree upkeep for residential and commercial properties, landscape maintenance, and commercial landscape design. Some of our commercial work can be seen at resort-style hotels, city buildings, and office parks.

Take Advantage of Our Tree Knowledge

Did you know that removing certain types of trees for purely aesthetic reasons is illegal throughout California? Residential and commercial property owners face fines and jail time for the offense, and the issue is so prominent that some legal professionals specialize in this area of the law.
While the law is meant to prevent overdevelopment from destroying mature native trees like oaks and sycamores, sick or dying trees that pose a safety hazard are generally exempt from protection. By law, the property owner must seek out the advice and expertise of a certified arborist like ours to verify the status of the trees that they want to remove, and they must apply for a permit to have the trees cut down.
Assistance with the permit process is part of our set of services. With our in-depth knowledge of native trees and associated local ordinances, we can make the process of landscape renovation a great deal easier for you.

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