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Testimonials for Bill’s Tree Care and Landscape

“Bill was the first to respond when I emailed companies for estimates. They were the lowest among the experienced, professional companies. (important to use a legit service when work on big trees around power lines is involved I thought) On the day of the work, the team showed up on time. They worked quickly and efficiently and did a good job and completed everything they were supposed to. The guys were all nice and cooperative when I asked them to trim some more in a couple of spots. They explained what was best for the tree and knew how to trim the city tree near the street according to city code. Cleaned up after themselves completely (and hauled all the stuff away, and didn't leave anything in the street for the city cleanup like some services wanted to do). Crew seemed experienced and in good spirits. I was surprised all of the guys spoke English too, which was helpful. Would hire them again.”
– AD  
“Ah the joys of homeownership! Bill and his crew really helped us out in a jam when we woke up to find a HUGE (think Mack Truck sized) tree limb from our terror of a Liquidambar (Sweetgum) tree had crashed down on our neighbors lawn the day that she was supposed to have prospective buyers come an put in an offer. Needless to say, we were all frantic (though grateful that it didn't go through her roof or land on her car).
Bill and his team came right over, quoted us a reasonable rate, chopped that sucker up and even got up into the tree and cleaned up the break site about 30 ft up the trunk. They were fast, diligent and cleaned everything up. It looks like it never happened.
He also made extensive recommendations about how to manage the city of San Jose's absurd tree laws and get this horrible tree removed (it's heaving the sidewalk, drops those spiky balls and is just a general nuisance). He also provided quotes to prune the tree and/or to help with permitting and removing it all together.”
– Sarah B.
“Hi, I just got home and saw the great work Bill's team did today. Their bid was below everyone else's and they did an excellent job trimming my neighbor's tree which hangs into my yard...they left some long branches on my neighbor's side that will make him happy (my neighbor didn't want it cut too much, but I hate all the droppings in my yard), yet cleared everything off my yard, and the clean-up job was great!
The bid came in quick, and the work was done within days. Since it is my neighbor's tree I am always worried about hiring someone who lacks the skill, but Bill's did an amazing job and is very professional. Hire them!”
– Jocelyn L.
“Not too long ago, I had somewhere between 10 and 15 cubic yards worth of junky wood chips/mulch dropped off at my house by another tree service company. And when I say it was junky, I mean that it was full of leaves, pines, and limes.
From this huge pile, I was able to separate out enough for my personal use. This left a few yards leftover (that were useless), which were in my driveway and had begun decomposing at an accelerated rate (i.e., the mulch at the bottom of the pile was hot, and would smoke a bit).
Anyway, I didn't want to call the previous tree service company to clean it up as I was obviously disappointed with them so I called up Bill's Tree Care & Landscaping to clear our my driveway and haul away the junk. Within a couple of hours, I had a free estimate, and within a few hours after that, my driveway was spotless! And I mean SPOTLESS!!! I couldn't find a single leftover wood chip, or pine, or leaf, or lime anywhere! I was extremely impressed. And from this experience, I can assure you that I will use them for any possible future tree service or landscaping needs I have! Thanks!”
– George K.

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